White Forest Flowers

White Forest Flower

Six days ago, we already hat perfect summer weather and I went into the small local forests for an hour every day. The whole forest floor changed a lot and is now extremely beautiful. I noticed beautiful white forest flowers by the wayside, the ones that you can see in my photo. I am actually not that sure how often I took a photo of this plant on my way last week, but I know it’ll be enough to annoy you with several single photo posts of this plant in the future.

I tried to research the name of the plant, but I decided that I am currently both, too busy and too tired to put more efforts into my photo posts, especially as I saw that there are hundreds of white forest flowers in the databases. I don’t ask you to research for me, but if you are pretty much sure how this plant is called, feel free to drop a comment! I used my 70-300mm Tamron lens to take the photo, which is funny, because if I stand far away from the subject, I can take pseudo-macro photos with this lens. The photo is pretty unsharp, but there is something I like about the photo, maybe it’s the depth of field.


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