White Forest Flowers

Six days ago, we already hat perfect summer weather and I went into the small local forests for an hour every day. The whole forest floor changed a lot and is now extremely beautiful. I noticed beautiful white forest flowers by the wayside, the ones that you can see in my photo. I am actually not that sure how often I took a photo of this plant on my way last week, but I know it’ll be enough to annoy you with several single photo posts of this plant in the future. I tried to research the name of the … Continue reading White Forest Flowers

Rudbeckia In The Garden

I know I have some followers interested in the gardening subjects, and usually I would ask them for the flower names when I uploaded flower pictures, but I found a couple of nice German flower related websites and this time I hopefully found the right name on my own. If you told me flower names in the past, I am very thankful for that. But it’s also interesting to research on my own, it might be that I learn some flower names on this way, but it also might be that I come up with the wrong names, it’s not … Continue reading Rudbeckia In The Garden