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Rudbeckia In The Garden

Rudbeckia fulgida

I know I have some followers interested in the gardening subjects, and usually I would ask them for the flower names when I uploaded flower pictures, but I found a couple of nice German flower related websites and this time I hopefully found the right name on my own.

If you told me flower names in the past, I am very thankful for that. But it’s also interesting to research on my own, it might be that I learn some flower names on this way, but it also might be that I come up with the wrong names, it’s not really my area of expertise (laugh).

This time I am pretty much sure that I found the name of the flower in the photo. I researched and think it’s a Rudbeckia, a Rudbeckia fulgida to be more exact. According to Wikipedia, this flower is also called Orange Coneflower, that is funny because…

For me, this flower has rather yellow leaves, although it really goes into the orange anyhow. In German this flower is called Gelber Sonnehut as it seems. Literally translated this means something like “Yellow Sunhat”. Quite an interesting name don’t you think?

I like the English language, but I noticed the German language is much more “illustrative” sometimes. I noticed it with several flower but also bird names, you could just speak it out and a blind person would see what you are talking about, I am of course kidding now.

Talking about the photo, I shot the image in our garden, we have an ocean of them in one corner. I might have one photo where you can see them all, it might take time until I upload it as I pick out photos randomly as I shoot more photos than I can upload in time.

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