Bad Cold

While there is still summer outside, I’ve been sitting inside coming down with a cold. It basically started Thursday when I was shopping with my mother and I complained that I feel like I would have circulation problems. My mother said it would be no wonder since the weather was humid. So, I just thought I would have circulation problems but then when I woke up on Friday, my throat felt quite rough but still I didn’t believe that I would get a cold. But Friday evening it was clear, I started to sneeze like two times every five minutes, … Continue reading Bad Cold

Annual Complaint About The Summer Heat

I actually thought that I wouldn’t have to do this, but here it is, my annual complaint about summer heat. We had rainy and cloudy weeks since some time now, and it was more like autumn, but then out of the sudden it became hot. Yes, not warm, it became hot from one day to another. We had a really hot week now, you can’t even breathe anymore. Here is my annual opinion,.., I am ok with warm weather, but I do absolutely hate hot weather. These times make me wish to live somewhere in the north, maybe somewhere in … Continue reading Annual Complaint About The Summer Heat

Rudbeckia In The Garden

I know I have some followers interested in the gardening subjects, and usually I would ask them for the flower names when I uploaded flower pictures, but I found a couple of nice German flower related websites and this time I hopefully found the right name on my own. If you told me flower names in the past, I am very thankful for that. But it’s also interesting to research on my own, it might be that I learn some flower names on this way, but it also might be that I come up with the wrong names, it’s not … Continue reading Rudbeckia In The Garden

Yellow Flowers

I didn’t post any flower photos for a long time. There are several reasons, it took some time this year until I saw the first ones but then I got my first DSLR. The kit lens is a problem when it comes to flower photography, I don’t want to say that you can not take pictures of flowers with it, but I like to get extremely close to the flower and that is not really possible. The photo above is shot with my kit lens and I wouldn’t be able to get much closer, it would be impossible to focus. … Continue reading Yellow Flowers