Bad Cold

While there is still summer outside, I’ve been sitting inside coming down with a cold. It basically started Thursday when I was shopping with my mother and I complained that I feel like I would have circulation problems. My mother said it would be no wonder since the weather was humid. So, I just thought I would have circulation problems but then when I woke up on Friday, my throat felt quite rough but still I didn’t believe that I would get a cold. But Friday evening it was clear, I started to sneeze like two times every five minutes, and I got headache. During the night I had problems to sleep because now I had a stuffy nose and my coughing didn’t let me sleep either.

With each day it became worth but today I feel already a bit better. I was surprised that I didn’t have fever over the last days, it was just elevated temperature. I do now feel better in the evenings but I am not exactly sure if I have the cold already behind me. I always feel better in the evening but in the morning and during nights it’s the same game again, which is why I am not sure. Anyway, today I did do some things like playing guitar or browsing in the internet, that’s cool because all the other days I did nothing except to be ill on the couch, watching all those boring TV channels. Meanwhile I heard how everyone else had fun outside since the weather was so good. Not a perfect time to get a cold, especially since I was so motivated with jogging recently.

So, since I feel already a bit better, I thought I share a random photo from my library with you. You can find more photos of yellow flowers on my blog.

8 thoughts on “Bad Cold

        1. ja ja nicht schwarz nur grüne weil er ist antibakteriell & immun-Aufbaustoffe auch sind Reichlich vorhanden + Hönig + Vitamin C (Zitrone) = Heilung..!!!!

  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well . Summer colds are never pleasant. At least in winter you don’t want to go out! We’re having a bad flu season in Australia this winter. A lot of people I know have had colds and flu that hang around for weeks. I have been lucky so far (touching wood) and haven’t caught it.

    1. Yeah, it’s really annoying to have a cold in summer because it’s warm and makes me feel twice as sick. It also annoys me because now I was not running for a whole week and I guess it will be a bit difficult to motivate myself to start running again once I have the cold behind me. I slept quite long today because the night was again bad… just woke up right now and still have a stuffy throat and nose… it’s a week now, I hope this goes away asap. So annoying. Also I am not very hungry, I only ate bouillon most of the time because I couldn’t get something else down.

      I had luck the last years too. I think this is my first cold again since two or three years. I got through those years while everyone else was affected by the flu seasons. Hiking during every weather conditions did probably help me to be spared from colds for so long, but now it finally got me too 😀

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