Dark Place

I am here to share a photo again. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it due to the fact that I wanted to refurbish my apartment, but we’re already done with every room except the living room. The living room will be more difficult because there is more work to do. My calculation with the paint was a bit off and now I don’t have enough to start with the last room. We could already remove the old wallpapers and put new ones on the wall, but we take it easy now until I purchased a new bucket. … Continue reading Dark Place

Bad Cold

While there is still summer outside, I’ve been sitting inside coming down with a cold. It basically started Thursday when I was shopping with my mother and I complained that I feel like I would have circulation problems. My mother said it would be no wonder since the weather was humid. So, I just thought I would have circulation problems but then when I woke up on Friday, my throat felt quite rough but still I didn’t believe that I would get a cold. But Friday evening it was clear, I started to sneeze like two times every five minutes, … Continue reading Bad Cold

Dark Mood, Dark Season

You might wonder why I do upload the boring picture above. I think, it describes both very well, my mood and how it looks like outside most of the time. I felt pretty burned out over the last week. I mean it’s dark and grey outside all the time, and it could just be vitamine D deficiency, but since I have experience with depression, I could be worried about a relapse too. But recently I felt so exhausted that I didn’t even had the energy to worry about anything, and apart from that, I learned how to deal with up’s … Continue reading Dark Mood, Dark Season

December Barbecue in the Garden

Yesterday we decided to have a barbecue in the garden. It is already quite cold outside but this didn’t stop us to go shopping and to drive to the garden. The husband of my mother came up with this idea and he convinced me and my mother. We bought some beer, different meat, potato salad and cole-slaw. We enjoyed the evening even if it was cold but we did warm our hands near the fire and we also have a small cottage with a heater in the garden, so that we could eat inside where it was warmer. I enjoyed … Continue reading December Barbecue in the Garden

Some Winter Photos From Lübeck

Last week a doctor had to remove the stitches which I had in my mouth because of a dental treatment. It was a cold day and I thought it would be good to visit the doctor by foot. I like to walk no matter if it´s cold. I rather think it´s healthy to do so. The doctor is in the inner-city of Lübeck. On the photos you can see this area and the frozen Trave River. Continue reading Some Winter Photos From Lübeck

Fallen ill twice and a queasy conscience because of the job?

I had a pretty annoying cold over the holidays as I mentioned already. I still have lingering cough but it gets better now. I went outside today and met a neighbor and she told me that she is ill at the moment too. She said that it is horrible as she first had a sick note for her job because of a cold and now she has a sick note because of an infection of the middle ear. That means she is now ill two times in a row and that makes her worried because of her job. I told … Continue reading Fallen ill twice and a queasy conscience because of the job?