Dark Place

Reinfeld Forest

I am here to share a photo again. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it due to the fact that I wanted to refurbish my apartment, but we’re already done with every room except the living room. The living room will be more difficult because there is more work to do. My calculation with the paint was a bit off and now I don’t have enough to start with the last room. We could already remove the old wallpapers and put new ones on the wall, but we take it easy now until I purchased a new bucket. It’ll be done within the next two weeks but I might as well wait until I removed the bulk trash in my basement. I dislike my old work desk in the living room and it could be that I purchase a new one. In other words, if I really remove the disliked furniture first, it’ll be easier to work in the room. But it’s not set in stone, it’s weekend, not the time to think about work (laugh).

That was pretty unrelated to the photo, but I just wanted to chat about something. Talking about the photo, I found it in my library and adjusted some things until it got a pretty dark look, or a dark mood. I shot the photo in a small forest in Reinfeld. Since it’s near a larger pond, the area was usually pretty swampy. I shot the photo during winter and you can see the swampy ground is frozen. I really liked it there and the appearance of the place changed depending on the weather or season, which means there was always something to discover with my camera and lens. You can find more forest photos on my blog.


5 thoughts on “Dark Place

    1. It’s funny because it’s already quite some time ago but I still have so many photos left over. From time to time I will edit some and upload them too. But you know how it is, we always take more photos than we can upload 😀

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