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As I mentioned in another post, I will freshly paint all the walls in my apartment. It’ll be a bit more silent on my blog since I also have to renovate the living room. That means, I will put many things in the middle of the room and I will cover it, including my computer. Some rooms will be very easy because I will just have to paint the walls, but the living room gets new ingrain wallpapers. We will remove the old ones and that will be an awful job. Then we put new ones on the wall and another day it will also get a white paint on top. Finishing the living room will probably take more time than painting all the other rooms together. So, I will take it very easy with the blogging over the next weeks since I want to concentrate myself on the refurbishment. A friend will help me, that will save me time but I told him that I still want to do one room after the other and not everything during one day. The reason is my cat, I don’t want that she will inhale or drink any chemicals like cleaning agents, paint buckets and so on. The finished rooms will be closed for a day when the paint is still fresh, for her this means that the apartment will be a bit smaller for some days. After that she will have to stay in the finished rooms while we begin to work on the rest. It’ll be a mess, like a construction site (laugh).

3 thoughts on “Work in front of me

  1. Good luck with it Dennis. I just finished painting my living room except for the window frame which needs to be revarnished. I plan to get new carpet so as yet I have not put all the furniture back. Luckily the computer is in another room.

    1. Thanks. Yesterday I finished the bedroom and bathroom already, right after I wrote the post. A friend arrived and together it happened in no time. I did let it dry and today I noticed that the bedroom is fine and doesn’t need a second paint. The bathroom however needs a second paint… I sadly don’t have a window there, and it’s interesting how much the water or steam did age the color on the wall, it does even come through the new paint. Anyway, it’s a small room and it won’t take much time to give it a second layer and that should fix it. The kitchen and the floor is not done yet, but both don’t have much surface to paint either. The kitchen will be done with one paint, the floor probably needs two paints because I painted yellow on it back then.

      The problem room will be the living room, because sorting and moving things alone is just awful. There are a couple of things that I could never move, nor could I clean behind the stuff. My fishtank has 200 liters, that’s 200 kilos. I could have moved it maybe when I changed the water, but even then it’s difficult alone because it sits on a special fishtank cabinet that has some weight too. I will probably find a spider base behind it lol. So, I don’t even want to think about it yet, but it will have to be done all together. Moving, removing wallpapers, cleaning, putting new wallpapers on it and then painting over it. That’s not a very funny thought but it has to be done. :/

      Fortunately I don’t have carpets. I have parquet floor in the rooms and I like the color of the wood so that I never wanted a carpet. It’s also good because it’s easy to remove cat hairs. The parquet is also handy when you refurbish walls, you can remove paint drops with a wet sponge if you are done with one wall. The downside is that you always have to be careful with water. Once I did open a water bottle that was shaken. There was a small carpet below my desk chair and it seems I did just mop up the water at the parquet, not below the little carpet. Later I noticed the wood became black under the carpet. I did have to sand a couple of millimeters off to make it look good again. My window frames are made of plastic, that’s very common here. It’s easy to clean them, however UV light seems to age plastic and the color does change too over the years. Since this is rent in my case, and if I move out of here, it’ll be one of those fights where the landlord will argue that I will have to pay for new window frames, but at court they will just lose because he never modernized them. I don’t even know how long the previous tenants used them. We have a time-table here, when something can make 10 years according to the table and you live there since 10 years, then it lost 100% of it’s value and they could just get zero Euro from you when the material suffered from “attrition” under normal usage (like not dropping a bomb on it lol). But they try to find out if you are stupid, not informed, or not up for a legal fight. At the end it’s their architecture, you can just report issues and if they don’t fix it, it’s their problem. I am just responsible for small repairs.

      Anyway, with the time you find problems and I am thinking already about it because it could happen that I move out of here some day. It’s not something I want to do as soon as possible, but I do sometimes already look for better apartments because mine has no balcony, no kitchen window and no bathroom window and I hate that. Assuming I would find an interesting offer next year, it’s a big plus that the walls are with fresh paint, because then I could just move out with so much less work. Not really planned, but when everything is done here, I could do it impulsively when the right offer at the right price is there 🙂 Now I do paint for myself, but it would be a plus if I could just move out without work when a better apartment is in sight.

      1. I like parquet . It is much better not to have carpet if you have pets. In our old house in South Australia we gradually replaced all the carpet with vinyl flooring. Then we moved to a house with all carpet again. I’ve got rid of some of it and if I were staying I’d probably replace the remainder with something else but carpet may attract buyers more because it looks cosy when it’s cold.

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