Your Previous Work Is Still Interesting

As soon as I got my first DSLR, I forgot about all the photos that I took with my smartphone or with the point and shoot camera. This is sad, and I got the idea to upload some of these older pictures from time to time (the flower photo in this post is a good start). While a DSLR gives us of course higher resolution and other good specs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the photos are much better, you can also take great photos with lower end gear, because it’s not only about camera specs, it’s about the moments, … Continue reading Your Previous Work Is Still Interesting

Blogging Hiatus For Some Days

I will design a business logo for a friend who is busy with the formation of a company. I will also advise him about hosting providers and the domain he needs for his soon self-hosted website. Later I will install WordPress on his server and I want to search and customize a suitable template for his site. This will keep me busy for some days. It might be that I publish some posts here on my blog, but I probably won’t. I don’t want to have too much screen time or my eyes will bleed. He is the second person … Continue reading Blogging Hiatus For Some Days

Philip Rosedale and another great Concept called Coffee & Power

Philip Rosedale founder, chairman and former CEO of Linden Lab, the company that started Second Life, an online virtual world launched in 2003, comes up with another great Startup called Coffee & Power. Coffee & Power is a Marketplace where you tell others what you are willing to do or need done, right now, for how much. They call it “Missions”.Buyers and sellers use a virtual currency system (C$) for payments. You can earn C$ by selling missions, or buy them using your credit card or Paypal. You can also turn the virtual currency back into US$ via Paypal. The … Continue reading Philip Rosedale and another great Concept called Coffee & Power