Under The Bridge

Here is a photo that I shot two weeks ago during a walk around the city along the Trave river. There are some really beautiful parks and paths but also some shady looking places like in the image above. In some areas it’s dark under the bridges and there are many smearings on the fundaments. I thought I convert the image to black and white, because it made the atmosphere in the image look even darker than it was before. I now already have a couple of bridge photos on my blog, that’s funny because I don’t hunt to get … Continue reading Under The Bridge

Dark Place

I am here to share a photo again. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it due to the fact that I wanted to refurbish my apartment, but we’re already done with every room except the living room. The living room will be more difficult because there is more work to do. My calculation with the paint was a bit off and now I don’t have enough to start with the last room. We could already remove the old wallpapers and put new ones on the wall, but we take it easy now until I purchased a new bucket. … Continue reading Dark Place