Foreground and Background

I think the image at the top was an experimental shot. I could imagine that I liked the dark forest background and that I wanted to find out how the depth of field looks like if I focus on the plants. There is a small meadow in front of the forest. Nothing more to add, it’s not a special photo but I somehow like how the foreground is separated from the background. Continue reading Foreground and Background

Dark Path

Above is a photo that I shot in the evening somewhere in a small forest area outside of Lübeck. This time I tried a black and white effect with decreased shadows and blacks. It’s a pretty dark image and I increased the brightness for a moment but then I went back to the darker setting. I just like it that way,it looks desolate and maybe even a bit creepy. I like the dark mood of the image. It somehow reminds me of old point-and-click adventure games I played on my Amiga back then and later on PC. They often made … Continue reading Dark Path

Dark Place

I am here to share a photo again. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it due to the fact that I wanted to refurbish my apartment, but we’re already done with every room except the living room. The living room will be more difficult because there is more work to do. My calculation with the paint was a bit off and now I don’t have enough to start with the last room. We could already remove the old wallpapers and put new ones on the wall, but we take it easy now until I purchased a new bucket. … Continue reading Dark Place

The Delusion of Keyboard-Warriors And Armchair Idealists

So, this post is partly a photo post but also about something that did upset me. Some of us are a bit concerned about the increasing population of wolves in our forests. You basically have two or three factions when it’s about wolves. First there are those that are quite happy about the fact that the population is increasing. Then there are concerned people, the so-called wolf-enemies. And finally there are also people like me, aligned somewhere in the middle, thinking that you should at least keep the population of wolves at bay since there is nothing on top of … Continue reading The Delusion of Keyboard-Warriors And Armchair Idealists