Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers

I didn’t post any flower photos for a long time. There are several reasons, it took some time this year until I saw the first ones but then I got my first DSLR. The kit lens is a problem when it comes to flower photography, I don’t want to say that you can not take pictures of flowers with it, but I like to get extremely close to the flower and that is not really possible. The photo above is shot with my kit lens and I wouldn’t be able to get much closer, it would be impossible to focus.

With the 15-105mm lens you can not get close-ups because you won’t even be able to get the flower in focus manually. Yes, in this case you have more possibilities with a smartphone camera due to the fact that you come much closer to the flower and you will be able to focus, I shot tons of flower photos with my phone and it worked very well. But then again, the Nikon 15-105mm kit lens is not bad, it’s just not a lens you can use in any case, and it makes absolutely sense because if you stay interested you will get other lenses for all kind of purposes.

So as I researched a lot before I even started, I expected that when I bought my DSLR with the kit lens. Well, that is in fact even the reason why I bought a DSLR because there a specialized lenses for everything but once you own them you will have much more possibilities. Of course, a macro lens will be superior to smartphone cameras, because well, you can take super awesome flower and insect photos with a smartphone but a special macro lens for a DSLR will give you much more magnification.

DSLR’s are upgradable, that is the reason I wanted one. I purchased the DSLR with the kit lens as it came cheap in the kit and as I can practice then. In fact the kit lens is a much better lens than most people say. I saw so many reviews where people said “Skip the kit lens it’s crap, get a quality lens instead”, and I call this bullshit as someone who got even greatest results with a smartphone camera.

When ever I see professionals suggesting to skip the kit lens I think it’s hilarious because no beginner would start with a super expansive lens, it does not make sense at all. Then beginners and professionals do also have different starting points, different knowledge, probably even different budgets. If you came here by chance for example via Google with the question if the 15-105mm lens is it worth, yet it is.

This lens will introduce you to your camera, it will work for many purposes, just not for all. If you stay interested, you will most likely upgrade to other specialized lenses as with any other hobby where you might want to upgrade to better equipment because you get aware of the differences. The 15-105mm lens is perfect to experience your camera, that’s the stage where I am right now and this cheap lens in the kit is perfect for it. So, yes do get the camera with a kit lens, it’s worth to pay the few extra dollars for the kit, everything else will be much more expansive anyway.

At some point I will purchase a macro lens for flowers and insects too but it will take a lot of time as I have other things on the list. As I mentioned it in another post, I am also interested in a tele lens as I noticed that taking photos of birds is a lot of fun too and some extra range would really help. When I talk about macro lenses and tele lenses, I am not even sure what I will save for first because I like both fields of application. Now I have another priority.

I saved money for a tripod. I do have the money already to get a really decent tripod. I always wished to record myself when I play guitar and it was possible with my smartphone (just check out my super awesome DIY smartphone tripod if you want to smile) but quite difficult. So, I have recorded some guitar sessions but I see the potential with my DSLR and a real tripod.

I am pretty much amazed by the Manfrotto tripods. I know there are other great brands and I don’t really want to advertise for Manfrotto here, I just wanted to mention that I like some of their tripods pretty much and that I want to get one of them. These tripods just hit my taste after checking all kind of reviews, that’s all.

I have money for it spread on different accounts and I now need to plan if I need it in cash, online or on my bank account. As in any other case, even the most specialized store in my city does not have the gear I want, that is always the same problem here in my city. Now I check out if I let them order the stuff or if I just purchase online. Also I do still want to research a little bit as I am a patient and careful person.

At the end of this post I am amazed again how a photo post just inspired me talk about this and that. I clearly like to let my thoughts flow, I so much dislike to plan posts, I just start writing if I feel that way. As a blogger it’s always cool if I feel chatty, I like that (laugh). If you came here for the flower photo only, just check out all my other flower photos, what about yellow flowers for example?

9 thoughts on “Yellow Flowers

  1. I always enjoy reading about your plans for buying new photographic gear and I think the tripod first is a good idea. By the time you have that and start saving for the next piece of gear you may have decided which of the tele or the macro you want first or it might come down to which lens is available first in the price range and model that you want. Eventually you will have both of course and then you will probably be looking for filters or a really good bag. There is always something else you need when you get engrossed in a hobby.
    When I was much younger and went to concerts and to the Grand Prix long lenses were what I always wanted but later when I became more interested in photographing buildings and landscapes I preferred wide. We still have our film cameras but I like digital now because instead of having to buy and process a lot of film I only need to keep spare batteries and can take way more photos at a time. My husband says he’d like a DSLR, he stayed with the film cameras long after I stopped using them but he doesn’t take photographs as much as I do these days. I’d like one as well but the compact camera does an adequate job and has the advantage of being small so I can carry one in my handbag. (I don’t have a smartphone).
    My comment is now nearly as long as your post but it’s an interesting subject. 🙂

    1. FIrst of all, don’t worry about comment length, you know me and my comments are either super short or super long too 🙂 Always depends if I am just amazed by a photo in a post or if I can contribute to the whole subjects with a big story as it is touching me in any way 🙂

      About my gear wishlist, yes I think you mentioned the way I will do this. That’s it, I stay cool and set my priorities and for everything else I can do decisions later and be patient until time has come. The only different to you comment is that I set the filters inbetween because they are fairly cheap and can be bought with spare money. I bought one with the camera, it’s a UV filter but not because of the UV light rather because I wanted extra lens protection in front of the lens… I am just a little concerned that shooting through this extra glass means quality loss (Some say more glass means less quality) but so far I don’t see that. But you are right, I am very interested in some filters such as polarising filter but also different neutral density filters. That’s all there, the rest will do Photoshop.

      You’re right, you will find a lot of stuff in different hobbies and if you are interested heavily, you will want that stuff at some point. I noticed early that photography gear is a universe on it’s own too. I will probably also be interested in diffusors, flashlights, shutter release trigger cables and so on. This is why I plan to pay a little more for tripod because the ones that are on my list do even have extras where you can attach further things like flashes and so on. I am always a little paranoid and think one step further and that I might need that at some point, but overall this worked all my life (laugh) because I do only buy what I will really use anyway (I know people who buy everything to sell it weeks later because of impulse shopping) 😀

      The only thing that could really slow me down to expand on the photography gear is my guitar hobby and a kitty cat. I did grow out of my guitar, really, this thing is limiting me heavily, that is something I need to do at some point as well, it’s just that it will cost much more than a DSLR. For now I am ok and patient as always, I calculate with years (laugh), until then I play my bad guitar. I also said that if I find a cute kitty when I have cash on the table, I will give that kitty a new home, at the same time I will give Shyna a friend. I would do it if I find the right kitty and if I also have the money for vet and so on. This has highest priority above all, it’s just that I like shorthair cats but in my city there are other breeders. I know, a lot of plans here, but it’s all sorted in a priority list 😀

      Talking about your experience with film cameras, it’s amazing where technology goes, isn’t it? If you would have told me 15 years ago that there will be cameras in a phone, I would have laughed at you. Same for the great compact cameras (that I by the way used for many photos here too in the past but you might know this). By the way, I agree with you point, a compact camera or point-and-shoot is awesome due to the fact that you can carry them. You’re right, you must know what you want and then you decide. I will shoot photos with my compact or phone in the future too, I can not carry my DSLR everywhere and I won’t. I see the benefits of compacts and phones too.

      When I was young I shot around 30 photos or so? After that I went to a store to develope the photos. Next point you said, it’s just awesome that you don’t have to do this anymore and that you can shoot thousands of photos now. However, printed photos were cool too, I liked to look though photo albums everybody had, it’s now so different.

      Now my comment is a little long too, but as you said, it’s an interesting subject to talk about.

      P:S: wide lenses are interesting too, the 15mm end of my lens is not too bad for that, but yea there are specialized lenses available too. I am glad you enjoyed that kind of photography back then, wide angle shots are so cool, I like cityscape shots or as you said architecture wide shots.

      1. The best piece of advice my husband and I ever read regarding choosing photography equipment was. “Decide what you want to use it for first.” We’ve applied that not only to camera equipment but also to computers, software and many other things. I would say the next most useful advice is to buy the best you can afford as you have done so that you won’t become frustrated by limitations or grow out of it too fast. Being a patient person who can save certainly helps.
        On the subject of cats, does Shyna like other cats? My experience has been that my older cats have never liked it when we’ve got another kitten. Shyna might consider a new cat an intruder as she has been an only cat for a few years now. You can get cats to tolerate each other, most of the time, but not necessarily be friends. Just something to think about.

      2. Yes this is good advice. I live that way since a very long time. I am not really a person that does evangelize for an idea a lot in my circles, but this might be the only point where I do that often. I think I am very sorted when it comes to money and purchase decisions.

        True, I have read about cat introduction problems and a friend told me of his experience too. I am concerned about this subject which is why it is another reason I made no final decision. I think I have this idea since two years, I believe I even wrote about this idea two years ago on my blog.

        Shyna isn’t used to other cats because she never saw one if we don’t count in the cats she can see if she is looking out of the window. It’s something I think about and something I am concerned about. I have heard of stories where it worked well, and where it didn’t work out well. This is something where I went from “Should I do?” and “Should I skip this idea?” several times. It’s probably the only thing where I am not sure how the outcome would be and if the decision would be right. That is as said the other reason why it takes me so long.

  2. The flower photo is beautiful! I really like how bright the flowers are against the dark background. I ended up buying extension tubes to use with my kit lens for macros. They work well for getting up close to small subjects. Getting clear focus is tricky, which someone said is because of the shallow depth of field when you are so close to your subject. Even though they seem to be working pretty well, I’m sure I’ll want a macro lens someday. That seems to be the way it is with photography – the list of gear we want just keeps getting longer!

    1. The flowers were less bright in the original, but it was possible to edit exposure, shadows, lights because it worked well with the photo. I edited several things to get the contrast you mentioned 🙂

      I have read about the extension tubes and I think they are a good and cheap solution to get started with macro. I have read you lose a lot of light when using tubes, however, I would like to try them anyway too because a macro lens is just too expansive for starters.

      Haha, yes, it’s fascinating and horrible at the same time to think about photography gear. Thinking about future costs makes me cry, thinking about the creative freedom different gear could give us makes me motivated to start saving. 🙂

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