DIY Smartphone Tripod

DIY Smartphone Tripod

I bet you wouldn´t know if I would not tell you what the object on the image above is. But I am fair and tell you. 🙂

This is my DIY smartphone tripod and it is made out of some different products I found at home. Some silver hooks I found in a shop for bathing facilities months ago and a black guitar holder for the wall.

I really did need a tripod for my smartphone so that I can take videos of me while playing guitar for example. Also it might be useful if I want to photograph static scenes, so that I have no camera shake. I found a cheap tripod in any of the web shops but I didn´t want to buy them because the shipping costs would increase the amount I would have to pay.

Then I did wander through some local tech stores and found a very good and versatile tripod for smartphones and this product could even be mounted on real photography tripods but it is the end of the month and the price was pretty high with converted 70 US dollars. Anyway I liked the tripod and maybe I will still buy it another month.

Till then I still needed a tripod for my phone to take videos and photos. That´s why I searched for things at home and found the mentioned hooks and the guitar holder. The funny fact is that I didn´t have to glue or screw any of the pieces together. There were already holes in the guitar holder where I did simply put two hooks in. On the bottom I just attached the other towel hooks as I could attach them due to the tension. To make it perfect and that the smartphone can´t skip down, I added two yellow elastic bands to the hooks on top where the smartphone can be placed.

Ready is my DIY smartphone tripod. I tested it and it works very well as it holds the phone very steady and the legs and the whole thing is steady on the legs as well! The hooks are turnable and the hook legs and the legs of the guitar holder are adjustable and flexible too. The price for all compenents together is 7 or 10 US dollar. Cheap Right? And it works better than I thought! What do you think about my funny new DIY tripod? 😀


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