DIY Smartphone Tripod

I bet you wouldn´t know if I would not tell you what the object on the image above is. But I am fair and tell you. 🙂 This is my DIY smartphone tripod and it is made out of some different products I found at home. Some silver hooks I found in a shop for bathing facilities months ago and a black guitar holder for the wall. I really did need a tripod for my smartphone so that I can take videos of me while playing guitar for example. Also it might be useful if I want to photograph static … Continue reading DIY Smartphone Tripod

Abstract acrylic Paintings and Arts of my Mother

I think my Mother found a new Hobby. She starts to paint very abstract Stuff on Canvas. I am happy that she found new Activities and told her that it is cool but that I dont have an Eye for abstract Arts and Paintings. But I am happy that she has fun exploring new Interests. I like it if People know how to have a fun Time. There is nothing more worse than, if you dont have any Hobbys or if you dont want to try out new Things. That´s why I think it´s great. Here are some Paintings she … Continue reading Abstract acrylic Paintings and Arts of my Mother