DIY PC Stand

As I mentioned in a previous post, I did put some Ikea parts together to create my new PC workplace and gaming desk. But I still had a couple of problems that I didn’t like. Cables were visible, the power strip was visible too. Also my PC was on the ground, which would be a problem too because it would attract cat hairs and dust, and I would always need to move my PC to use the vacuum cleaner in that corner. The issue I am talking about is visible here. I wanted to solve some of the issues and got a nice and easy idea.

I did take measurements of my PC case. I had the idea to purchase a white shelf board in a DIY store. I thought a 80×25 (cm) shelf in white would be good. Before I went into the store, I also took measurements of the height from ground to the countertop because I wanted to purchase a set of furniture feet. I went with 20 (cm) furniture feet. I also purchased appropriate wood screws. I was too lazy to work on this idea yesterday in the evening after I got the parts, but today I started and drilled some holes into the shelf board and attached the furniture legs with the screws. Matter of expense, just €10. Here is how the finished product looks like, and yes, it’s a fairly simple idea…

Next I moved my desk a bit away from the wall because I wanted to put the power strip into the left cupboard of my desk since it has a prebored hole on the backside. Then I did thread the power strip cable through it and plugged it into the wall socket. Same for all power cables, like the PC, the PC screen, the LED stripe and the home router and my LAN cable. Now that some of the cables and the power strip were put into the cupboard, I had a lot less mess on the ground. I used cable ties to make one cord out of the other cables, like the mouse, keyboard and the DVI/HDMI cable of my screen to have even less cable salad on the ground or near the wall. Now I moved my little DIY PC stand below the counter desk and at one of my cupboard and put the PC on it. The result…

It’s not just that it looks cleaner now. I now don’t have a corner that attracts dust or cat hairs, because yes, PC’s do attract both of it. Due to the furniture legs I can at least regularly use the vacuum cleaner below my table without moving my whole PC. And I personally think the little PC stand fits to my desk. The white shelf fits to the Ikea Alex cupboard, and I went with black legs because they fit to my black PC case. It turned out like I imagined it in my head. Obviously, I still need to hide the big cord I created out of the cables that come from the top. I have a couple of simple ideas for this too. Maybe I will just attach the cord below the countertop with strong black duct tape. Black because the countertop is black on the bottom and things would just become invisible. Another idea I had was to lift the cord with cable ties and attach the cable tie between wall and countertop. I will see the next days. But compared to how it looked like before, I am about to solve the last problems. Here is how it looked like before…

my workplace and gaming area 18

That was still a bit of a mess. But now I am really closer to being very happy with my new desk. What do you think? Does the PC stand fit to my desk?


5 thoughts on “DIY PC Stand

    1. I was actually searching for a flower table, side table or anything like that with the measurement of my PC… but I didn’t find something. So, I thought I do it myself 🙂 And it was a simple project for someone who is not exactly a craftsperson 😀

      Next days I will hide the remaining cord of cables. I think black tape below countertop will do the trick.

      I noticed it’s dangerous in a DIY store… the longer you stay in the store, the more new ideas you get 😀

  1. We’ve been trying to work out a table for Garry’s computer that’s sturdier than the one he’s using. Otherwise, the dogs seem to think his mouse is a dog toy and since it’s close to the floor, I see their point. They didn’t chew it to pieces, but it doesn’t take a lot of teeth to unsettle a mouse. I have a board downstairs that I bought for something else, but with some attachable legs, it might work. Thanks. You’ve given me an idea!

    1. I am glad I could inspire you 🙂 It’s quickly done and simple. But I like minimalism. In the DIY store they had these legs in all kind of sizes, shapes and colors. I am sure you guys have that stuff too in your stores 🙂 I hope it works for your idea!

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