My Guitar Cover of “Say it ain´t so” by Weezer

I mentioned already that I created a DIY tripod for my smartphone, so that I am able to record videos of me when I play guitar. I noticed that I did not upload pretty much videos of me playing guitar. But this is one of my main interests beside a lot of other interests as some of you know.

My grandpa did borrow me his old Vantage X-99 guitar which is a great one. I like to play on it. But for all who would like to know more about this guitar, there are articles about the Vantage X-99 guitar on my blog.

So in the video above you can see me playing “Say it ain´t so” by Weezer but with my own style. This was a very popular rock song in 1995 and you read more about the song, band and record studio here.


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