Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Coxx SG Standard Guitar

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Object I come up with a photo of my own guitar. I think this is not really a special photo but still very important to me as I play this guitar since many years. It´s a guitar by the company Coxx and it is a Gibson SG Standard copy or remake.

I bought this Coxx guitar a decade ago and most people have said it is a crap guitar but I always though there are more bad guitarists out there than guitars. It´s indeed not one of the expansive guitars but with some tweaks, I was able to get something out of the instrument. I tweaked the guitar a little bit. I did raise the guitar pickups, the Humbucker and that did make the guitar sound a little bit more pushy and I like that. I also did lower the string level as I love low action. I really wouldn´t say it is a crap guitar. You can play with this one and I did so for many years. I recorded this song with the guitar for example. And here is another song I recorded with the guitar but without any effects or amps.

I wouldn´t deny that there are better guitars. My Coxx guitar did just cost 600 USD at that time when I remember right, but this a long time ago so that I am not sure anymore. The good thing is that my grandpa borrowed me his old Vantage X-99 guitar which I play pretty often at the moment. I recorded “Say it ain´t so” by Weezer on his guitar for example.

I guess I mentioned it anyway. I do indeed save money for a new guitar. I would love to buy a Fender Stratocaster or maybe even a Fender Telecaster. I like them both. But the latest happenings make it harder as I had some other costs to pay like a dental treatment and so on. But well, I won´t give up (smiling).


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