Guitar Improvisation.. My Guitar Jam at Home

One of my best Hobbys is playing Guitar. I don´t do it professional and don´t earn Money with it. I played in several Band´s when I was younger but most did burst for any and differend Reasons. I also did realize that it is costly to buy new and better Hardware like Amp´s or Guitars and Effect Pedals. So anyhow I did leave things unchanged and started to see all this as a Hobby for myself.. A Hobby at Home.

The good Side is that my Grandpa plays in a Band too. I sometimes can borrow his cool Fender Strat which is just Hot to play! The bad Side is I can´t get his Hardware often as he still is underway here in our locale City with his Band. But he´s already old and said that he stops to play soon. It might be that I can start anything with his Equipment then. But I guess this can take a while as he lives for Music you know? 🙂 He´s cool and I like to talk with him about all the Stuff.

So what I want to say is that my own Equipment is really crappy and I can´t afford better Gear. Maybe because I have a lot of differend cool and expansive Hobbys. But anyway this fact doesn´t stop me to enjoy playing Guitar. And hey playing at Home is cool too.

Playing Guitar… I simply love it and I do it since a long Time now. Playing Guitar is for me more then just Music. When I have any Problems, if I am sad, if I am in Trouble or if I am just angry… I take one of my crappy and cheap Guitar´s and start playing. I think I can play a lot of Songs but I really prefer to just hit the Strings and create my own Stuff. There are often own Ideas and sometimes I am simply inspired by another Artist. But the outcome is often a differend Tune.

I though I show you one of my latest Video with an Improvisations. Maybe a kind of Blues… Don´t know. A Guitar Jam at Home with my crap Gibson SG fake Guitar, without Amp, bad Camera and Microphone.. I arranged just some Chord´s and mixed my own Solo in with a Video Software. Bad Equipment but some Friends said they liked the Song. I am not sure.. Hey I am open for critism if negative or postive. I am ok with that so feel free to tell me what you think 🙂


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