Brexit Coin

A week ago I got a Euro coin back as change money and didn’t notice it right away, but at home I had to laugh when I realized someone attempted to stamp out the United Kingdom from the coin. So, I took my 40mm macro lens and shot a photo. The person had a funny idea but I don’t think that it was correctly executed as Ireland is stamped out as well and not just the United Kingdom. It could also be that it is coincidence, that the Euro coin was not damaged on purpose. But anyhow, it looks to … Continue reading Brexit Coin

First Test Shot With Coins

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a new lens, the Nikon 40mm Micro. When the lens arrived, I couldn’t wait to unbox it and attached the lens immediately. I wondered what I could photograph first. I mainly want to use it for small things, and then I looked into my wallet and found some coins, 1 Euro and 50 cents. I did put them on my desk and shot my first photo with this lens. Not too bad for the first one I think. Continue reading First Test Shot With Coins

Tien Gulden En Meer

I think it’s time to speak a bit of Dutch. Hemeltje lief! Ik heb wat gevonden, namelijk tien gulden de nederlandsche bank en een paar daalder. Ok, if any person from the Netherland read this, you have my excuse because it’s probably nonsense since I put the sentence together with a German to Dutch dictionary. On the other side, if we forget my basic grammar lessons in school, that’s exactly how I learned English over time. I just translated pieces of what was a big puzzle to me, the English language. So, see this post as my first attempt with … Continue reading Tien Gulden En Meer

Only biological seen I had a father, and he does still owe me a pile of money due to alimony…

I think the title of the post says it all briefly and succinctly. Sure, biologically I must have a father but I always have drawn a line there. I don´t see him as a real father because to be a noteworthy father, it takes more than just the biological part. I never met him because he never wanted to. He had the obligation to pay alimony for me to my mother and he never did so as well. My mother never got financial support from him but in Germany and I bet it´s elsewhere not much different, you need to … Continue reading Only biological seen I had a father, and he does still owe me a pile of money due to alimony…

Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady

The Daily Prompt of today is about envy. What makes me feel jealous? I am not often jealous as I do not care much about the things that others have. I take much more care about my own wishes and look how I can achieve my own goals. Somebody has a big house? I don´t care as I am quite happy with my small apartment. Someone has a fast and expansive car? I don´t care as I am not a car nerd. Someone has a super cool and better guitar than me? I care but only so far that I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady

The Humble Bundle Game Deals Explained

I recently wrote that you can save a lot of money when you want to buy games. You can find game bargains on Steam, you can find bargains on EA´s Origin Store, you can find heavily price reduced games on GamersGate and there are also alternative ways to find good game deals. But there is even another tip I can give. Have you ever heard about the Humble Bundle? It is basically just another online game store but there is one huge difference. They often offer nice game bundles and deals and you can decide what you want to spend … Continue reading The Humble Bundle Game Deals Explained