The Humble Bundle Game Deals Explained

I recently wrote that you can save a lot of money when you want to buy games. You can find game bargains on Steam, you can find bargains on EA´s Origin Store, you can find heavily price reduced games on GamersGate and there are also alternative ways to find good game deals. But there is even another tip I can give.

Have you ever heard about the Humble Bundle? It is basically just another online game store but there is one huge difference. They often offer nice game bundles and deals and you can decide what you want to spend for the bundles. But if you spend the average amount of money that other users have spent, you usually get even more games added to the bundle. The average amount is commonly just a very small amount. I´d say the bundles are cheaper than you can imagine.

But the real difference is, that the amount you spend, will shared between the developers or publishers of the games, the Humble Bundle Store and the Charity. Yes, money goes to Charity and you can even decide how the money is split. You could for example give 90% to the Charity. It is very transparent and you can see what kind of Charity it is. You could say it´s like buying game bargains and at the same time you do a good deed. That´s what I like about the Humble Bundle.

I write very often about the Humble Bundle. They have for example every new week, the Humble Weekly Sales with new games in the bundle. I do often report about their deals, so that you might want to subscribe to my blog, as I also report about other game deals. Here is by the way the Humble Bundle Website. I´d suggest you to register there or to subscribe there, so that you will be informed about future Humble Bundle Deals. That is really another way to find good game bargains.

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