How To Save Money On Games With Steam


If you are gamer, I probably do not have to explain what Steam is. But what many don´t know, is that you can save a lot of money on Steam if you are looking for particular games and everything you need is patience. With saving money, I mean you can get games up to 75% or more off. On this way I got a massive amount of original games I could instantly download. To be honest, I have so much games that I didn´t even play them all and my hard drive does not even have enough space to download them all.

On Steam there are many opportunities to get games. On Steam there are many PC Games on sale and most of them are quite often price-reduced. There is for example the list of weeklong deals with new deals every monday at 10am PST. But they do not only run weekly deals but also daily deals. They usually announce the daily Steam deals on the right side of their front page in a little box with the headline “Today´s Deal”. But they do also run different mid-weekly deals and weekend deals. To be informed about the different Steam deals, you might want to check out the Steam blog with full stories or the more neatly arranged Steam headlines.

Then there are also often seasonal sales on Steam like the Holiday sales, the Winter sales, Summer sales, Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday event or sales on Halloween for example, but there can be other ones and there is often no fixed schedule, but as said the Steam blog is a good place to be informed. I do report about major Steam events on my blog as well, as I am gamer too and you can subscribe to my blog if you want, to be informed in the future.

Another tip I can give you would be to use the Steam search. Near the search field and the search button, you can click on “Advanced search” and there you can even set the search up to look for games below a certain price. And last but not least, there is also the list of Steam specials, where you can sometimes find interesting and cheap games too.

So, Steam offers a huge resource and many events with heavily discounted games. If I say you need patience to get your game at a reduced price, then I do mean that you don´t need too much patience. It happened too often to me that I thought “Wait, how great would it be if I would own this particular game now?” and a week later this game was to my surprise 75% cheaper. Sure, it´s sometimes luck but with patience you will save pretty much money. And there are many recurring opportunities on Steam. You will get your game and you will get it cheaper, if you are a bargain hunter. There is no need to pay too much. Hope the tips helped you. But…

There are even more possibilities to find game bargains. You can find cheap games on Gamers Gate, you can find bargains on Origin and the Humble Bundle is worth to mention too. If that is not enough, then there are even additional ways to find price-reduced games.

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