Is Steam Legit? Yes, And Here Is Why…


Up to this day I do often still find some people asking in different gaming related forums if Steam is legit. Some trolls would then usually answer if this question is legit and that’s just sad because there could be several reasons why you asking this question, maybe you are new to PC gaming or whatever. So, let’s dig into this subject. The short answer is, yes, Steam is a very legit and a quite popular service in the PC gaming world. So, why is Steam legit?

First of all we should clarify what Steam is. Steam is a digital distribution and social network platform related to games and designed for gamers. That means, you can buy games there, you can find and befriend with other gamers who play the same games as you, in fact you can befriend anybody there even if you want to have a chat buddy to talk about games or what not. Steam comes with several nice features related to gaming. It’s basically a platform made for games and gamers.

Steam was developed by the company Valve Corporation and released in September 2003. Valve was earlier just a game developer, but with Steam, they became also a digital distribution company. In other words, they don’t only develop games, they also started to sell them when they released Steam, and they do it up to this day.

Speaking about the game developer Valve developed big titles like Half-Life, Counter Strike, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Dota and Team Fortress. They are also the creators of the very well-known Source engine that they used in most of their games and that the modding community used heavily as well.

Valve Corporation was founded in 1996 by former Microsoft employees Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington. The headquarter of Valve is in the United States, Bellevue, Washington.

Valve basically reached cult status with their games, as same as the co-founder Gabe Newell became literary a Messiah for PC gamers. Why? He never was shy to raise his voice about technology and gaming related issues, including harsh criticism against console platforms, and that’s what PC gamers liked. Apart from that people simply loved the Valve games and the fact that they always have been released with high quality and without problems.

So much about the background of the company and people behind the digital distribution platform Steam. Is Steam legit? Yes, pretty much, and not only this, it’s an extremely popular platform as well. There are millions of players online with Steam around the clock.

So, if you ever asked yourself if Steam is legit, yes, Steam is legit and you can trust this service, quite a lot of people buy and play games with that platform. Another reason why many people think that Steam is great, they do often have a lot of deals and there are several ways how you can get Steam game discounts. There are even other sites related to it where you can win free Steam games with a little bit of luck.

I hope this article was helpful and answered your question. Let me know in the comment how you came to PC gaming and what you are up to.


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