How To Find Game Deals On Origin

I recently wrote a lot about game deals and how I find them. A friend inspired me to write the articles as he asked me how I got so much games, considering that they cost a lot. Well, I told him that I didn´t pay too much for all my games and I wondered why he didn´t know that there are many opportunities to get games much cheaper than they would usually cost. But he was not the only one of my friends who didn´t knew that. They thought that some games would sometimes randomly be cheaper but they didn´t have the right strategy to be informed when this happens. True, you will need some patience but it will be very rewarding as your game list will grow over time and I tell you, you won´t be able to play all the games.

This article here will be there to go on with my series. While many gamers are little bit upset about EA´s monopoly and price politics, it is just fair to mention that even EA does discount games quite often. One way to find discounted games, is to look into their Origin store regularly. With regularly I do mean that you might have the time to do this one time in a week or so. On this way you usually won´t miss out any game deals. One way is to look into there game deals section on Origin.

To miss no opportunity to get your game discounted, you should also subscribe to their blog. I regularly check out the EA Origin News to be informed about upcoming game deals. This might be a very logical advise, but many gamers simply don´t subscribe to any blogs, but to be informed you might consider to do this. It´s one way how you can save a bunch of money but as said, you´ll need patience but sometimes you will get your game to a lower price, faster than you think. You can also look for the Origin Store related stories on Reddit, to be informed.

Now, this should be enough to be informed about Origin deals. Hope it helps you to get your game discounted there. But…

There are even more possibilities to find cheap games. You can save a lot of money on Gamers Gate, you can find discount on Steam or in the Humble Bundle Store and there are even other additional ways to find game deals.

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