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A New Golf Sport Computer Game

First thing to say, I was a huge fan of EA´s Tiger Woods game series in the past. But when I say “past” then I really do mean past as […]

Total War Rome 2 Bugs and Problems

Total War Rome 2 has been released last week. But not without problems. You can find a lot of complaints about the game in several forums and groups of the […]

GamersGate Summer Sale begins

There are good news for those who like to play computer games and want to make a snatch. GamersGate Summer Sale begins. I got this email: Surf you way throught […]

The Europa Universalis 4 Main Theme…

I found a little treat on a german Game magazine called 4players and later on YouTube for those who are waiting for the Grand Strategy Game called Europa Universalis 4. […]

Battlefield 4 Leaked Media

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