Name of the next World of Warcraft expansion maybe “Heroes of the Storm”?

Some Time ago Blizzard registered the trademark “The Dark Below” and it was a sign that it could be the name of the next World of Warcraft expansion. But the trademark vanished and can´t be found in any patent database anymore.

But a new potential trademark from the applicant “Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.” has been found by some people over at MMO Champion. The name Heroes of the Storm is actually under examination of the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand which means it is not officially and sure that the trademark “Heroes of the Storm” will be registered.

Joystig states that we should keep in mind that it could also be a hoax. They state that it was most likely a hoax that the next expansion would be called “The Dark Below”. So, the rumors about “Heroes of the Storm” might be either a hoax as well or even a big Blizzard marketing bluff. Nobody knows. We will see.

EDIT: Blizzard did let the cat out of the bag and the new World of Warcraft expansion will be called Warlords of Draenor while Heroes of the Storm will be a game of the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) like League of Legends or DotA 2.

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