Another Science Fiction Movie… I saw Oblivion

Science fiction week here. For all the science fiction movie fans out there, I have another suggestion. I saw Oblivion and can suggest to see the movie. I do not want to say too much about the movie but I can say it is a post-apocalyptic story with Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko and some more.

I loved the visual effects of the movie and the story was anyhow interesting. Some people wrote that the movie does borrow some plotlines from other well-known science fiction movies and this is true, but pretty nice implemented in my opinion.

It´s one of the post-apocalyptic movies were the world has been utterly wasted. In the movie, the earth has been invaded by an alien race which are called “scavs”. The moon has been destroyed by them and that caused logically catastrophes like earthquakes and tsunamis. The humans used their nukes to fight the alien race but that does also lead to a demolished world. The humans created a space station for the survivors which are waiting to travel to the Saturn’s moon, called Titan.
A small crew remains on the earth to repair technology, especially the technology which is needed to gather the earth´s ocean water. The water is needed to create the atmosphere on Titan. But I can´t say anything more about the storyline as there are too much spoiler elements. But if you are science fiction movie fan, then please watch the movie. I had two hours of fun!

About the visual aspect of the movie… It´s awesome. I love the visual aspect of modern science fiction films as the post-apocalyptic scenes do look fantastic but at the same time scary real. Oblivion looks great here too! The movie is a feast for the eyes in my opinion.

The movie has also some flaws but I would still suggest to see the movie. It´s a very interesting movie. Every movie has some flaws but even with some flaws, I was not disappointed by Oblivion. Some days ago I suggested to watch Elysium and now I want to suggest to see Oblivion as well. Hope you have some fun.

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