The movie Elysium is impressive in my opinion…

Ok I must mention that it is difficult to impress me with a movie. It´s like if you would show me hundred movie trailers and I say “There is only one movie I could imagine to watch”. It´s a little bit hard to say what I am looking for. But let me try…

What I really dislike is a movie based on a clownish story. But it is subjective. You would not be able to impress me with a movie like Transformers. I played with Transformers toys and I watched the comics when I was 7 years old. When the movie came out, it was utterly out of the question that I would be interested to watch the movie. It´s one of many movies I would sort into the category kitsch or kid’s movie.

Movies can be in my opinion unimaginable. That is not the problem. I still have that imagination. But what I am not looking for, is a movie which is completely unimaginable. If so, then I just look for a fantasy movie or something I would rather call fairy-tale,… but some of them are great, yes.

I rather like stories based on historic events and if not those, then at least the opposite “What would happen if…” story. That´s what I call science fiction. Elysium is such a movie. How would the world or human society look like 150 years later? I love this question and after watching the Elysium Trailer, it was clear that I would be interested to watch the movie. And I did.

Elysium is a dystopian tale as it is about a society that 150 years later changed to the worst. But at the same time there are parallels to our society today. The movie is about two classes of people… the rich and the poor. The rich live on a space station called “Elysium” and the poor live on the overpopulated and tattered earth. While this sounds like science fiction, you maybe noticed the parallel to our todays society.

You maybe see now what kind of movies I like. It can be science fiction but I love it if there are any parallels and if the whole story is not completely unimaginable. That´s what Elysium offers in my opinion. Who knows how the world looks like in 150 years? In my opinion it is imaginable that the world is then a ruined place and that some humans are on a space station. In my opinion it is not pure science fiction. It is imaginable. But don´t let me say too much about the movie’s story. I just can say that I like movies with a portion of social criticism. Elysium did it just great.

I want to talk about the audio and visual aspect of the movie now. The movie is pretty aesthetic but there is like in many movies today, a too big portion of action. The visual effects are great and the whole setting looks impressive. But with less action, the director would have been able to tell us more about the background story of the two societies. Action and visual effects are great but I prefer a much deeper story over any action. However, Elysium just did hit an interesting topic so that the problem is not too big in my opinion. The audio aspects and soundtracks fit to the movie and science fiction universe. For sure there were some logical flaws in the story but it was tolerable anyhow.

I still must say that this is a bombastic movie for all the science fiction fans out there. After watching the movie, I thought it is too sad that this is just a movie and not a series with a dozen of seasons. I would have watched every episode to learn more about this science fiction dystopian universe. It´s too sad that it was now just a 109 minutes long movie. It was a great movie with an interesting story line. But the story concept of the movie was so interesting that 109 minutes are not enough. For such a great idea, a TV series would be a better medium to tell the tale. But as said… anyway a great movie!

So, if you are science fiction fan, then please watch this movie. It is really my suggestion. There might be some problems but it is one great science fiction movie. I wonder about all the critism in the internet. I anyway need to suggest Elysium.

5 thoughts on “The movie Elysium is impressive in my opinion…

  1. I know it’s rather late to comment on this sad tale, obsequious to Hollywood stereotypes of wealthy oligarchs abusing the proles. Of course, the vision is bullshit. No self-respecting mass of folk would be so uniformly of a single stratum that one man, bereft of hope, would arise seeking a cure on Elysium. A population of Billions and only one? Obviously a fantasy and a polemic. A message in a technophobic bottle.

    1. Yeah, it’s a bit late and I almost forgot this movie. Remembering back, I think what I liked about this movie is that it animated to think about two class societies. And as a pretty rebelish person living in a (in my opinion) two class society (Germany)… where only one political opinion is allowed, and where only people make it that either have connnections or that promote the whole current system, the movie did hit my taste. I think we do basically live in a time were wealthy and powerful people create their own biotopes far away from problematic places or districts… so, Elysium was pretty much that to me, a presentation of the signs that are already visible. Yes, the movie is pretty much fantasy, but this is rather the kind of fantasy that I like, because it takes the ideas from real life.

  2. Just to continue my thoughts, the State is and always will be the problem. The oligarchy is a creation and is allowed by a powerful State that offers privilege to those ablest to manipulate the system. The only solution is not through fundamental change which approximates baling one bucket where four fill the boat. Or external, violent change where lives and blood are the precious commodities.

    The effective solution to State power is straightforward and obvious. A politician in California, Jesse Unruh once said, “Money is the ‘mother’s milk’ of politics.” So it is for the State. Rob it of sustenance and rob it of life.

    Cryptocurrencies are not open to inspection by governments and therefore operose to tax until and unless converted to cash at an in border exchange. The more it costs the State to tax the less it has to spend on governance. Ultimately, the machine unoiled grinds to a halt.

    1. That’s funny that you mention cryptocurrencies. I follow the whole subject since some time. I do currently own a few Ethers (sadly just a small amount), I also owned Bitcoins but I was an idiot and sold them at some point because I didn’t understand the whole point and saw the money. On the other side, that made it possible to fullfill some dreams, like getting photography gear and stuff 😀 Anyway, I wish I would have know earlier about it, or that I would have mined them back in the days. I think when Bitcoin went nuts in 2013, I didn’t fully understand the idea about cryptocurrencies. In fact, Ethereum taught me a bit more about it… Now I see that it does lead to decentralized systems, apps, services and stuff… And generally, I like how innovations do challenge governments, but then again, that’s the rebel in me again. 😀 I am curious what the crypto future will bring.

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