I’m Proud Because I Am Achieving Things I Thought I Couldn’t Achieve Anymore

The photo above is not very special, because it’s just a random snapshot of our Trave Channel. I like to add photos to my posts, but this post here is not so much about the photo but about something else. Today I just noticed that I am proud, actually pretty proud about myself. Because I was swimming again, even if I went jogging yesterday. But I felt great after two hours swimming and I sat at home thinking, or daydreaming. Do you know these moments when you ask yourself what goes well at the moment, and what goes not so … Continue reading I’m Proud Because I Am Achieving Things I Thought I Couldn’t Achieve Anymore

About The Third Day In Our Temporary Home

I want to write about my cat Shyna and the third day in our temporary home. At the time I write this, we are already here for five or six days, so, the reports about my cat are a little bit delayed. The third day was interesting, because my cat became curious about the other rooms. It was silent, because me and my cat were alone that evening. First she dared to check the small corridor in front of our room. The corridor leads to the kitchen, and the kitchen is connected to the living room, and there is a … Continue reading About The Third Day In Our Temporary Home

Overly Attached Black Cat

I met this black cat just minutes later after I left my apartment to start my 14 miles hike. It’s usually not the kind of photo quality that I like to share, but it was still so dark that I had a hard time to take a good photo of this cat. I share it anyway, because… This black cat was a problem. It seems I am a magnet to cats once they spot me and I guess it has to do with the fact that they smell my cat Shyna. The last cat I met just came to me … Continue reading Overly Attached Black Cat

A Story About Suicide

Let me say this first, you don’t have to worry about me, this story is not about me. I was actually not that sure what kind of headline I could use without shocking my readers that something is wrong with me. This story will be about suicide because one of my distant relatives has committed suicide weeks ago. See the following also as a trigger warning, I don’t want you to have a bad day. The story is sad, if you had suicide in your circles, my story might trigger emotions. Or if you just don’t want to read a … Continue reading A Story About Suicide

When You Have Nothing Better To Do Than Trying To Hear Doors

Yes, you did read the headline right, this post will be about door sounds, it’s that funny. I live in an apartment complex and that is something that makes me seriously believe that we humans are “individual animals” rather than “group animals”. Because I would much prefer to live alone without sharing a staircase with neighbors. I get along with most of my neighbors but sometimes there are new ones that don’t fit into the place, that is the problem with an apartment complex. It seems we have one or two neighbors that do regularly give the other tenants advise … Continue reading When You Have Nothing Better To Do Than Trying To Hear Doors