About The Third Day In Our Temporary Home

I want to write about my cat Shyna and the third day in our temporary home. At the time I write this, we are already here for five or six days, so, the reports about my cat are a little bit delayed. The third day was interesting, because my cat became curious about the other rooms. It was silent, because me and my cat were alone that evening. First she dared to check the small corridor in front of our room. The corridor leads to the kitchen, and the kitchen is connected to the living room, and there is a door that would lead to another corridor with a bathroom, and the staircase that leads to the upper level of the house.

It took some time, she did check the small corridor in front of our room several times until she decided it would be safe. Then she entered the big kitchen, it was the same game, she went forth and back several times.  She was careful, but I was happy to see her trying it.

My cat is curious about the other rooms 3She did sniff at everything, still careful, but she seemed very curious as you can see in the photo above where she just entered the kitchen. When she heard a soft sound somewhere, she would run back to our room, under the bed where she does already feel safe enough.

My cat is curious about the other rooms 5

But she didn’t give up, she went into the kitchen again, and then she found the living room. In the photo above you can see her in the kitchen,almost in the living room. I was surprised that she went so far, that is already possible, at least if we are alone in the house.

My cat is curious about the other rooms 4Now she did enter the living room, and it didn’t take a long time until she jumped on a chair of the living room table. At that point there was a noise, it was the door, my aunt came back, and my cat was frightened again and ran back to our room where she feels safe.

However, I thought she would run back under the bed, but when I followed her a few minutes later, I saw her relaxed on the ground. I think she still didn’t want to have too much contact with someone, but she made some big steps that day. Again, since I have to upload the photos and writing the posts, I do that a little bit delayed, which means I have already new photos and could write a report of the next day, I do that if I find time.

5 thoughts on “About The Third Day In Our Temporary Home

  1. Those big eyes, where she is on the dining room chair perhaps? She’s still nervous but definitley interested in her new surroundings. It must be a much larger place than she is used to. I’ve seen Polly act the same way exploring outside the house. At first she would not go far and ran back inside at the slightest unusual sound or even if a bird flew overhead but over the past few months she has become much bolder. The new path seems to have given her confidence and she has been down to the bottom of the back garden to explore and seems to have a great interest in the narrow section between our house and the neighbour. She often wanders round there which is how I’ve accidentally shut her out a couple of times. I always check that area now. I know that Polly won’t jump or climb the fence but she could get out under the gate so I still watch her carefully. It is nice for her to play outside sometimes as she needs exercise. I laughed at her standing on her back legs to bat at bugs the other day.

    1. Yes, exactly, this is the dining area near the kitchen, and if you go further in the room, there is another table and a couch, the living room area with TV and so. 🙂

      Yes, it’s much bigger, it’s a house. She can only explore the lower level, but there is already much more space compared to my own apartment. In the upper level there are several rooms too, but as said, that’s where the kids take care of the dog, and we always look if the door to the stairwell is closed.

      Exactly, I think cats need time to trust the enviroment, and the slightest sound will discourage them from exploring, so, that happens step for step I think. I wonder if Polly did that after you made the changes? It seems cats are cautious in an changed enviroment, or if it’s a new place.

      It’s good that Polly doesn’t jump fences, I would trust Shyna at that point. I told my uncle a couple of things that we need to take care off, like always closing every window if we go shopping, closing the door to the stairway with a key since Shyna knows how to open handles, and especially the kids got all the rules. If a window is tilted open, I know Shyna would like to jump there, so, we have to close it at least if we are not there.

      It’s good for Polly that she can experience to wander through the garden, and I can imagine that you had to laugh about Polly, because cats can be funny. By the way, I have the cat leash with me, and there is a terrace outside… I also have her immunization card with me, I wanted to check first if she got all immunizations to be safe outside, but I didn’t do that yet… depending on how long I will be here, I’d like to see her exploring the terrace but with the leash (there’s a street).

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