About The Second Day In Our Temporary Home

As I said in my first post about our new temporary home, my cat did rub her nose on the plastic of the transport box during the drive. You can see the nose injuries in one of the photos above, but it looks already a little bit better now and it will heal. When she started to explore our room the second day, I also noticed that she started to eat and drink and that is good, because she didn’t do that the first day as she was stressed. The are some small improvements. I also like that she doesn’t hide anymore, at least if I have our room door closed. She even tried to explore the other rooms, but that will take more time.

We are already here for a few days, she will get used to it. When she tried to explore the other room, it was only step for step, and she went back in our room and under the bed when she heard the other voices. I shot some photos during her first tries, I believe it was the third day or the fourth day, I might upload these photos too when I find the time. For now it’s good that she feels safe if I have the room door closed, or if it’s silent in the house.

6 thoughts on “About The Second Day In Our Temporary Home

  1. Cats are like that dear Dennis, our cat is same too, when we move to the village home!!!! ah, every time we live this. Never goes out of the room and hiding under the bed sheets/blanket… but then she moves into the wardrope! And she sleeps there… It takes time to feel themselves in safe… Lovely cat, Blessing you all, Thank you, love, nia

    1. It’s also that she is not used to a big family. I often had a few guests, but my uncles family is big, he has some kids, it’s louder… Shyna will get used to it, but as you said, it’ll take time, probably some more days.

  2. Polly would act much the same way in that situation as she doesn’t like changes to her routine or strange people. She got a similar sore on her nose when I had to confine her to a cat tent in the garden while our house was being sprayed for spiders last autumn. It sounds as if Shyna has settled down quickly though she has you and the familiar smells of the things you brought from hom and as long as she can run back to your room to hide if she feels worried she should be fine. Are there any other pets living at your uncle’s house?

    1. I am not completely sure but I believe you had a post about Polly’s nose back then, or you mentioned it at some point in a comment, I can remember something like that.

      Yes, my uncle has a dog, but the dog is in the other level above us, and we take care that they don’t get together, there are enough doors with keys between the floor. That means she can smell the dog, that makes her worried too, I assume.

      While I often had guests at my home, Shyna isn’t used to the amount of people, at least not on a 24h basis,… my uncle is here, my aunt, and two kids, and me, over the next week maybe even a third kid (my cousin is at grandma’s home currently). So, it’s a very different noise level here compared to my home, at least if all people hang around in the lower level. Just one example, we are two people here for the next two hours, it’s quite, and Shyna often takes a look out of my room door, she finds the floor interesting,… but only if it’s that quite like now 🙂

      You are right, she has her safe zone, and that is good. I also told the kids “Don’t look under the bed or come too close for now, it’s her safe zone, and you wouldn’t notice if a cat wants to attack you, they are fast”. You know, if cats feel pressed, they might even attack in the worst case. Generally, it seems the kids understand me and Shyna has all the time. Shyna will come from alone, it’ll take some days, for now our room is taboo for the kids. 🙂

      1. Yes, I did post about Polly’s nose so I’m imagining Shyna did it the same way and that it will soon heal up without treatment. She probably can smell the dog as cats have a much better sense of smell than we do but she’s learning that she is safe where she is. They are curious. I’ve often seen my cats examine any new item that comes to the house or if I move the furniture Polly has to check it out. She usually hides under a bed or in the linen storage cupboard if I have visitors but did become curious when my sister visited and observed her from a distance. On the her next visit Polly decided she was not dangerous and came out to make friends, the only outsider she has accepted to date. I wonder if she senses our relationship or whether it is just because my sister talks to her in a certain tone of voice.You know that silly way that we talk to small children and pets sometimes.

      2. I think so, it will heal, because Shyna did it the same way once when we used the transport box to carry her to the vet, it’ll take a week or so, but I will monitor it.

        Yes, also before we came here, the dog would be in the lower level as well, that means the smell should be in all the rooms here. Yes, cats are like that, Shyna likes to take a look at new objects too 🙂 Looks like Polly is the same like Shyna, they prefer to spy the guests from distance first, and later comes the contact, that is how Shyna deald with guests too 🙂

        I have no idea, I think they can sense the relationship, but I still think cats are picky too, they like some people, and others not. I know that two of my friends are very welcome, but then there are also some other friends that are not welcome if you ask Shyna (no matter how often they visited me) 😀 I think you make a good point, maybe cats do like some voices, or the way some people speak, while they dislike the voice, behaviour and tone of others, it’s an interesting idea. Now when I think about this, and how cats do “rotate” their ears when they here something, I believe it could be true that they pay much more attention to the sounds than we might think, that they pick people on that way too.

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