My Cat Explored The Room

The first day in our temporary home was not easy for Shyna, because the situation was new for her. The first day she hid under the bed all the time, but the second day was a little bit better and she started to explore our room as you can see in the photo gallery of this post. She was now curious, but she didn’t want to explore the other rooms the second day.

5 thoughts on “My Cat Explored The Room

  1. Shyna so lovely 🙂 I am sure soon will the the boss in the new home (after exploring and leaving her own smell to everywhere, they feel in safe like that… Thanks and Love, nia

    1. The kids of my uncle saw her for the first time yesterday, but just for a short period because Shyna is still like her name implies shy 😀 The kids said the same, they said she is beautiful and they wish to see her again, but I told them she needs some time, she will come if she wants to, and the kids understood me.

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