Shyna And My Uncles Family

The above shot was taken during the time I was living in my uncle’s house to help him. My cat Shyna needed a lot of time to get used to the temporary new home, but at some point she started to explore all the rooms, but she enjoyed it the most if nobody apart from us both were there. This changed later on, she started to explore the rooms even if people have been there, but she never seemed to enjoy it as much as if none of the other family members have been there. I can tell you that … Continue reading Shyna And My Uncles Family

About The Third Day In Our Temporary Home

I want to write about my cat Shyna and the third day in our temporary home. At the time I write this, we are already here for five or six days, so, the reports about my cat are a little bit delayed. The third day was interesting, because my cat became curious about the other rooms. It was silent, because me and my cat were alone that evening. First she dared to check the small corridor in front of our room. The corridor leads to the kitchen, and the kitchen is connected to the living room, and there is a … Continue reading About The Third Day In Our Temporary Home