Overly Attached Black Cat

blurry black cat

I met this black cat just minutes later after I left my apartment to start my 14 miles hike. It’s usually not the kind of photo quality that I like to share, but it was still so dark that I had a hard time to take a good photo of this cat. I share it anyway, because…

This black cat was a problem. It seems I am a magnet to cats once they spot me and I guess it has to do with the fact that they smell my cat Shyna. The last cat I met just came to me to say hello but didn’t follow me all the way, but this black cat didn’t stop to follow me.

My cat is a house cat, I don’t know much about outside cats. I was afraid that the cat would follow me for so long that it wouldn’t find back home later on. Is this a problem or do they always find back home? I was afraid that it wouldn’t be the case and I had to be creative.

As the cat followed me no matter where I’d go, I went all the way back where I met the cat and from there I tried to frighten the cat away. I assume that I am a bad actor, otherwise the cat would have been scared right away, I tried several times until it succeeded (laugh).

9 thoughts on “Overly Attached Black Cat

  1. I would guess that the cat had possibly been abandoned and wanted the human companionship he/she was used to. Also, cats have this sixth sense about people who like them – as you do – so it might have been love at first sight on its part … recognition of a kindred soul. I think Shyna would NOT have been happy to find him attached to you !!!

    1. That is something I was thinking about too, and I hope this is not the case. It would be very hard to tell ina district if it’s an abandoned cat… they can find mices to eat, and on wet days they would probably drink from water spots due to the rain in the district. They would probably still look healthy.

      True, Shyna would not accept a second cat at first… it would take a very long time to convince her as she is the only cat I have since she was 12 weeks old.

  2. Cats do generally seem to find their way home but I think you did right to make it go back to where you saw it. I would worry about an animal following me because if it was hit by a car or attacked by another animal I know I would feel guilty. I think you would be the same.

    1. That is why I did that… my way would go along a more busy area with lots of road traffic even in the early hours… I was afraid the cat would run over streets in that busy area and die. I would feel very guilty too… so, I had to scare this funny cat away but it was really cute to meet this cat 🙂

  3. I like the weird shaky image – it looks like how cats move. Sounds like you almost had another cat select you. Usually the outdoor ones navigate territory pretty well…this one was keeping an eye on you for some reason.

    1. Yes, it pretty much shows the motion of cats… 😀 The streets in my district are calm that early, I was afraid that the cat would follow me to the more busy street traffic area. I was afraid the could would run over streets then if it tried to find back home.

  4. I wonder if on some kitty blog there’s a story by the black cat. Maybe the cat wanted to have a healthy jog, and was happy not to be running alone. Or, maybe the cat was acting as your protector being worried that a human would be out alone. Or, maybe the cat simply enjoys your company.
    Next time, have a word or two with this cat that may be adopting you.

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