Flying Greylag Goose

Flying grey goose photo 1

I found this flying greylag goose (Anser anser) during my walk through the Schellbruch reserve. The goose flew by far away and that was not really a perfect situation for my 18-105mm kit lens. So, I had to crop the images heavily and I also had to bump up the noise reduction in Lightroom to remove pixels and noise, sadly for the cost of sharpness.

Anyway, you can get some interesting results with a kit lens and I still would not suggest to skip the kit lens when you purchase a DSLR camera, because for me as a beginner it is a great starting point. The thing is, if you get good results with the lowest possible lens gear, you probably will get amazing results with specialized gear later on. That counts for so many things, if you can play on a cheap guitar, you will most likely play better on a well-built guitar, just meant as an example. Here are two more photos…

Of course, I hoped that bird would fly an extra round within the distance of my lens, but things don’t always turn out to your favor. With that said, I am still quite happy with the results, it clearly shows that digital image editing tools are the last hope when the lens did not do it. The following photo shows how much I had to crop to get close as in the first image of this post…

grey goose uncropped photo


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