14 Miles Hike For Photography, Discovering The Schellbruch

Lübeck Schellbruch Sunrise

We have a natural reserve outside of Lübeck that is called Schellbruch. There are brakish water lagoons, bodies of freshwater, forest areas, mires and meadows. The trave river flows there to the east in the direction of the not too far away baltic sea. A beautiful place!

Not only the geological variety makes the area special, there is also biological variety. There are many rare plants and it’s a paradise for birds. There are over 200 different bird species counted and it’s said that 90 have already bred. It explains why it’s worthy of protection.

The Schellbruch is a protected area since 1983. In 1970 there was a plan to fill the grounds to create additional space for the port operation and industry. The result would have been 30.000 square metres of destroyed nature, fortunately citizens prevented it to happen.

Fun fact, I noticed quite a lot of people living in Lübeck don’t even know the place, I asked around 7 people and all of them never heard of it, only one friend said that he was there for a hike. But to be honest, I didn’t know either that we have such a special place here.

I learned about the Schellbruch a month ago, it’s strange because I live in Lübeck since I was born. Talking about special places, people would usually mention our historic district, or the beaches at the baltic sea, but I never heard someone mentioning the Schellbruch.

The reason is probably because we have meadows, rivers and small forest areas in all cardinal directions, so how can people know what makes a certain place so special? It’s reading, I have read about the Schellbruch in the web and was amazed immediately.

I planned the hike since I have read about this place, it’s just that the weather did not want me to go there. I wanted to see the place to take landscape photos, photos of plants and birds. I learned that birds are most active in the morning, I wanted to get out early.

Yesterday I noticed the next day could be perfect, including the weather forecast and my motivation. We had enough bad weather to make detailed plans but now the chance was there. I set my timer on 3am as I researched that the sunrise would start at around 4 am.

My idea was that it would be dark enough for some morning city shots, and bright enough for landscape, bird and plant photos when I would arrive at the Schellbruch. All that worked out as planned. I do now have a massive amount of new photos for future posts.

As excited I am about the photos, I am also a little bit exhausted. The hike was 7 miles on the way there and 7 miles back, that means I walked 14 miles today in the morning. It’s already late evening and I still feel the pain, everything hurts but my soul feels good.

I like hikes and 6 to 9 miles would not be too much of a problem, but 14 miles was really over the top. I guess this might be possible if you walk such long distances often, but my recent footgear is not really perfect for that as I mentioned a few times now on my blog.

I don’t like doing most kind of sports, but walking is really fun and the photography gives me a reason to do long walks that do actually have an effect. But today I learned a lesson again, hikes can get a real pain if you do them with regular footwear, a horrible pain.

I did also walk without pause, I have read today that it’s better to do 15 minute pauses after each hour of walking. I did do the 14 miles without a single pause, except for the moments when I shot photos in the nature, I do think I must improve how I hike.

Talking about the photos again, there was more than I expected. I have read that it’s not allowed to leave the paths, I actually thought that this would make it very difficult. However, it was not really a problem, the paths do guide people through deepest nature.

I was able to shoot very beautiful landscape photos, I shot a few photos of plants and several photos of birds that were not really shy. Apart from that I saw really a lot of birds and also big ones that I never saw with my own eyes earlier. It was a beautiful experience.

As I prefer to upload single photos in single posts, you will need to be a little bit patient. But whenever you see me referencing to the Schellbruch, then the photos are those I shot today, unless I go there a second time and I believe this will happen too. Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “14 Miles Hike For Photography, Discovering The Schellbruch

  1. I like the picture with the touch of red caught near the water in the grass and then again in your lens as a red dot!

    1. Yes there is a little bit of lens flare, I actually hoped there would be more lens flare as it would fit to the sunrise image. Also I was amazed how much more bright the photo was to what I have seen in real… I had to lower the exposure quite a lot to get the image dark as the morning really was at that time. The D7100 can really take very bright images in the morning, and to make the image look real I had to lower the brightness or exposure. I am glad you like the photo 🙂

      1. in my limited technical experience I discovered that the lens flare can be increased by inclining the lens at a slight angle toward the subject. You did very well with the light in this image.

      2. Yes I think that makes sense, I believe too that the angle is very important. I think the angle we need to use is also depening on the time of the day and how high the sun stands. I think I will do a lot of try and error to learn how different angles affect the sun flare in the image 🙂

  2. You are lucky that concerned citizens in your city prevented the loss of this habitat for wild creatures. It is surprising how little we know about “our own backyard” sometimes. When we travel we make sure we research all the interesting places but we often forget to do that at home. I’ll look forward to seeing more of your photos but it sounds as if you had better put new hiking boots on your shopping list. Consider them a photographic accessory 🙂

    1. So true, when I saw this place yesterday I just thought “Oh my…how lucky that the old citizens wanted to protect this area back then and that it is now a protected place and not an industry area”.

      It’s way too beautiful, and it’s actually not that bad that this place is not seen in the “top 10 things to do in Lübeck” list. I could imagine that not all people would stay on the paths if it would be a popular place. But now I just saw very few hikers and sport enthusiasts enjoying the paths along the nature reserve and respecting the nature. It’s a a very calm place, which is why so many birds probably like this habitat.

      I saw some huge black cormorants and was able to take pictures… smaller birds were difficult with my lens, but I got some good shots of bigger birds that I will upload soon.

      Yes, hiking boots and special hiking shoe inserts are on my top list now 🙂 With my regular shoes long distances can get a real torture, on the way back every step was very painful 🙂

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