I No Longer Own This Ladder

Shyna on a ladder

I have a ladder in my bedroom that I used a while ago when I was working in the living room. I wanted to put it back to the basement but then I noticed that Shyna really loves the ladder. I noticed this a long time ago, I never brought the ladder back to the basement.

She has a scratching post in the living room, in the bedroom she did usually climb on one of my cabinets, but I decided to let her use the ladder too and placed a towel on it so that she can sleep there. It doesn’t really annoy me to have a ladder in the bedroom.

My apartment sadly doesn’t have a storeroom. I only have the basement but there is not much space left anymore. I should have sorted this out a long time ago, but I am a  lazy person  in some cases. It’s easy to forget the basement as soon as you close that door.

There is a lot of bulky stuff in the basement, like old furniture, I should  bring it to the dumping ground, it’s long overdue. I guess my cat would now probably be very mad at me if I’d be able to put the ladder back to the basement, she enjoyed the ladder for too long.

We used the ladder for a few cat photo shootings. My favorite was even shot with my old digital camera, I applied a paint effect in Photoshop and you can find the image here. Then I also shot several photos with my cat and the ladder in front of my red curtains.

It seems me and my cat found another purpose for the ladder (laugh). I hope you liked the photo in this post and the photos in the linked posts.

4 thoughts on “I No Longer Own This Ladder

    1. Haha yes, everything is cat furniture and cat toys for her, except for the real cat furniture and real cat toys 😀 It seems she has other preferences 🙂

      I agree about the light, the room was actually kinda dark because I only had the window shades opened, but the picture turned out to be bright enough. I am glad you like the picture.

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