I No Longer Own This Ladder

I have a ladder in my bedroom that I used a while ago when I was working in the living room. I wanted to put it back to the basement but then I noticed that Shyna really loves the ladder. I noticed this a long time ago, I never brought the ladder back to the basement. She has a scratching post in the living room, in the bedroom she did usually climb on one of my cabinets, but I decided to let her use the ladder too and placed a towel on it so that she can sleep there. It … Continue reading I No Longer Own This Ladder

Kitty And The Ladder Again

It´s not a long time ago when I uploaded an image of Shyna while she was climbing a ladder. She seems to like it. Now I created a new set of images with my cat and the ladder but this time I have the red curtains of my living room as background and I think that looks cool anyhow. Also the light conditions were better because of the windows there. I love the new set of images. She is so cool. Continue reading Kitty And The Ladder Again

Kitty On The Folding Ladder

My cat Shyna found out that there is a folding ladder in one of my rooms. Since then, she loves to hang around on the ladder. I made some funny photos but I picked out one and edited the image with Photoshop. I really like this image of Shyna anyhow but as said, I have some others which I maybe will upload another day. Oh and if you are nosy how the original photo looked like before editing, here it is… Continue reading Kitty On The Folding Ladder