Kitty On The Folding Ladder

Kitty On The Folding Ladder

My cat Shyna found out that there is a folding ladder in one of my rooms. Since then, she loves to hang around on the ladder. I made some funny photos but I picked out one and edited the image with Photoshop. I really like this image of Shyna anyhow but as said, I have some others which I maybe will upload another day.

Oh and if you are nosy how the original photo looked like before editing, here it is…

Original Shyna Ladder Image

7 thoughts on “Kitty On The Folding Ladder

  1. Hi Dennis my husband came in just as I was looking at this and said “Did Polly get on the ladder?” ( We don’t have a ladder like this.) so I’m not the only one who thinks our cats look similar. 🙂

    1. That is funny. I visited your blog and thought I would search for Polly but I couldn´t find a search box on your blog. Can you show me a link to an image of your cat Polly? I am nosy 🙂

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