Outdoor Cat

Above is another photo that I shot to extend the cat category on my blog. As I mentioned previously, I challenged myself to find cats outside and photograph them. I do already have quite a few cat photos on my blog but the majority of them are photos of my own cat. But I like all cats and thought I go outside to find some and photograph them. The cat in the photo above is the same cat I showed you already in this post. Continue reading Outdoor Cat

Eye Spy

It’s interesting, yesterday I uploaded a photo of my cat Shyna and I talked about her eyes, and today there is the photo challenge called Eye Spy, a photo challenge about eyes. Don’t worry, I have so many photos of Shyna, and I thought the photo of this post fits very well to the challenge. To be honest, I like this photo even more, it’s extremely cute anyhow. If you wonder what she has in her mouth, she was chewing on a cat play pole, but it looks as if she would drink from a straw. I shot several photos … Continue reading Eye Spy

Charlie And The Chew Bone

I do always like to take photos of my cat Shyna, but I do also like to take photos of my mother’s dog Charlie. I do generally like to take photos of animals, because it’s fun to freeze the time, to laugh about the facial expressions and so. I shot several photos while her dog was chewing on a small bone, but for now I only wanted to upload this one. Continue reading Charlie And The Chew Bone

I No Longer Own This Ladder

I have a ladder in my bedroom that I used a while ago when I was working in the living room. I wanted to put it back to the basement but then I noticed that Shyna really loves the ladder. I noticed this a long time ago, I never brought the ladder back to the basement. She has a scratching post in the living room, in the bedroom she did usually climb on one of my cabinets, but I decided to let her use the ladder too and placed a towel on it so that she can sleep there. It … Continue reading I No Longer Own This Ladder