Undercover Kitty Again

Remember my post with the title Undercover Kitty? Weeks later, I might have found the same cat again and shot many photos. I am not 100% sure but it could be the same cat or it’s the same litter. If it’s the same cat, this time it might have recognized me and it wasn’t afraid of me. I shot several photos and at the top, you see one of them. I will upload more photos in the future. Continue reading Undercover Kitty Again

Beautiful Outdoor Cat

I promised that I would start to take pictures of other cats and not only pictures of my own cat. Today I was walking outside to take some new pictures, and then a very beautiful cat crossed my path, you see the cat in the two picture gallery above. If I would know the owner and he or she would say “I don’t want this cat anymore”, I’d take this cat right away to give it a new home, and Shyna a new friend. Yes, all cats are beautiful, but each cat does also have different features that make them … Continue reading Beautiful Outdoor Cat

I No Longer Own This Ladder

I have a ladder in my bedroom that I used a while ago when I was working in the living room. I wanted to put it back to the basement but then I noticed that Shyna really loves the ladder. I noticed this a long time ago, I never brought the ladder back to the basement. She has a scratching post in the living room, in the bedroom she did usually climb on one of my cabinets, but I decided to let her use the ladder too and placed a towel on it so that she can sleep there. It … Continue reading I No Longer Own This Ladder

Experimental Kitty Photo In Black And White

This is a photo of Shyna that I shot in the first weeks after purchasing the D7100. I did all kind of test or experimental shots to get used to the camera. The photo was not that good with colours and decided to change the image to black and white. I couldn’t remove the distracting highlights or overexposed areas on the fur, that’s the point when I usually try out black and white and it often works well. It’s not that black and white does remove highlights or overexposed areas, it’s just less noticeable once you apply black and white … Continue reading Experimental Kitty Photo In Black And White