Looks Like I Have A Dust Spot In The D7100 Viewfinder

Today I took the train to Timmendorfer Strand because I wanted to hike to Travemünde, from where I did take the train back home. It was a 12 km hike and I planned this because the route is pretty interesting as there is a long stretch of steep coast on the way. But before that point is reached, there is of course a long stretch of sandy beach, and that is where I messed up my camera. No, the camera is still working but it seems as if I do have a transparent dust spot in the viewfinder of my … Continue reading Looks Like I Have A Dust Spot In The D7100 Viewfinder

Long Exposure: Passing Ship In Travemünde

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was at the Travemünde Beach today and experimented a little bit with long shutter durations. The blue image in the gallery above is another photo I shot, the pink one is edited with Lightroom as I thought changing it to pink would work too. You can click on the images to enlarge them. To explain the scene, as mentioned in the title, there was a big ship passing and I captured the lights of it with the long shutter speed. The image is shot with 15 seconds shutter speed with an aperture … Continue reading Long Exposure: Passing Ship In Travemünde


I actually thought I couldn’t take any photo for the recent photo challenge with the motto Off-Season. But we have still very mixed weather in Northern Germany, it’s actually not really summer weather except for some good days. Yesterday we had a good day, a friend came to visit and asked me if I would like to drive to the beach and I thought the idea would be great. The weather was perfect when we started, but as soon as we arrived, the weather changed from summer to autumn and it began to rain. In the photo above you see … Continue reading Off-Season