Travemünde Beach

I actually thought I couldn’t take any photo for the recent photo challenge with the motto Off-Season. But we have still very mixed weather in Northern Germany, it’s actually not really summer weather except for some good days.

Yesterday we had a good day, a friend came to visit and asked me if I would like to drive to the beach and I thought the idea would be great. The weather was perfect when we started, but as soon as we arrived, the weather changed from summer to autumn and it began to rain.

In the photo above you see the Travemünde beach before the rain started, it looked already dark and not like a summer day, that’s what I would call Off-Season.

7 thoughts on “Off-Season

    1. Yes, these chairs are very common on the baltic sea but also on the other side of our federal state, on the north sea. You might even find them in Denmark and Netherlands on the beaches.

      They are quite expansive because you need to rent them for a day, you can even pre-rent for a longer time and you get a key. If you click on the image you notice that they are still closed. I never rented or used one of them… I usually would just take a towel with me, that’s fine 🙂

      You make a good point, they do usually face the water. I think the season starts late, we had just a few real hot summer days, apart from that it is either rainy or very cold. I wouldn’t go bathe now as the water is probably not warmed up enough yet to enjoy it, unless you want a cold bath which can be fun too for some minutes. That is of course very strange considering that we already have June. This is the only reason I could image why the chairs are still closed and not facing the water. My friend asked the same yesterday and we could only come up with this theory.

      I shot the photo around 4pm, look how empty the beach is due to the weather. Last year we had great weather, it would have been hard to find a place for your towel at the same time of the day 😀

      I can not await until the weather stays good, I would like to have some fun beach days again.

  1. I grew up near Chicago but moved to Florida in 1988. Since then I have become accustomed to the warm weather and can no longer tolerate cold water. I went to the beach here in Clearwater last weekend and the water was almost too cold for me. At least it was at first but I quickly got used to it.

    1. I can imagine that. I am not sure what kind of water temperatures we have in the Baltic Sea without asking Google, I just know when it’s good to go bathe or not. But I assume it would be way too cold for you then 🙂

      I just know Florida from documentary and pictures or YouTube, but the water looks so much more beautiful in Florida. Also I love the beaches with the palms and so.

      If I would move to the USA, I would probably choose Florida, California or maybe even Louisiana because of New Orleans… but the least would probably be more about blues music that I like 😀

      However, I am not sure for how long I could bear with it. I am more of a “cold person”… even the last German summers were way too hot for me (unless I was near the beach or in the water) and I wondered if I should move to North Sweden (laugh). But that is the good thing about beach areas, hot summers are enjoyable near the beach due to the fresh sea air. I assume you always have a fresh breeze in Florida too, and finally the water for a bathe. 🙂

    1. They are very common here on the German coast 🙂 People rent them, but they are expensive to rent… I usually prefer my towel 😀 But true, they look great.

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