First Garden Yields

On friday when we celebrated mom’s birthday in the garden, we also checked out how the garden plants are doing. We found the first radishes, we found three of them. Mom got one, her husband and I tested one too. Apart from the fact that I am a real fan of radishes, the garden radish tasted extremely good. The husband of my mother doesn’t like chemicals, he prefers to let the things grow on their own and you taste it. The garden radish was actually more tasty than those you get in the stores.

Garden radish

Next we also checked out the henhouse and found three eggs. That’s funny, isn’t it? Three radishes and three eggs. The first eggs of the hens were pretty small but now they get bigger. Considering that we have more than three hens, there are not enough eggs, however, the husband of my mother promised there will be more soon. I tested the radish but I didn’t eat any eggs from the garden yet. There might be more soon so that I can test them too I think.

Our chicken eggs

That’s the fun part about mom’s garden. It’s not only that you can relax there, they might also have some yields in the future. They planted many other things such as potatoes, beans and so on. We also have a pear tree and an apple tree, currants and other shrubbery. It’ll be cool once there are yields.

8 thoughts on “First Garden Yields

  1. Fresh post about fresh vegetables, great! We do have vegetables too in our garden and I also enjoy seeing them grow and I enjoy more tasting them!

    1. It’s really fun to grow them and to notice the difference to the store vegetables. For very little kids it might also be a good lesson that food is not thrown at us, that food needs to be produced and that wasting food is not good. Next time we want to make a garden party for the family kids once all the stuff is grown 🙂

      1. We definitely will… my mother counted already all the things up that you can do with the vegetables, like nice salads and so… it will be good that the kids can taste the difference too 🙂

  2. As a keen gardener and allotmenteer great to see your mom enjoying her produce of her garden.. Enjoy the veggies and hope your Mom enjoyed her birthday ..
    Blessings Sue

    1. She and her husband enjoy it a lot, they are quite often in the garden now, even if it is rainy day (laugh). But I can understand that, it’s fun and better than staying at home.
      My mom enjoyed the birthday 🙂

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