Mom’s Birthday Barbecue

Friday was the birthday of my mother and we had very good weather and decided to drive to the garden to have a barbecue together. So, mom got a tasty birthday barbecue and we spent time together. We had the usual steaks that we often purchase, but I did visit my favorite butcher and bought shashlik. The shashlik was quite delicious, it was goulash spiked with eggplant and zucchini.

My mother made a tasty salad again with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and onions. We also had potato salad but that was a finished product but tasty anyway. I shot a lot of family photos with my mother, we did bathe in the sun, we talked a lot and then we also played with the hens in the garden because they are so funny.

It was a great day for mom and she enjoyed it. If you are outside for hours with a lot of sun, you get tired early in the evening, which means I did fall asleep as soon as I arrived at home and I slept well and long.

9 thoughts on “Mom’s Birthday Barbecue

    1. That’s sad but you maybe can do it on your own? We usually buy them finished from the butcher but my aunt makes them too with pork or so. I do also like the variant with spiked sweet pepper and onions. πŸ™‚

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