Short Guitar Test Video

As I tested my tripod setup and started to get an idea how I could use it, I thought I record a test video right away. The video embedded in this post is the result of my short test. Recording did now work pretty well with the camera, tripod, smartphone and the remote app I talked about in the other post.

I plugged my guitar in to the computer as I use Ableton Live with the AmpliTube plugin for guitar effects and started jamming on the guitar. The crazy solo stuff at the beginning is a little bit inspired by the catfish blues of Jimi Hendrix, I love that kind of style a lot. At the end I came up with some random chords, in other words it was improvised but I like the song idea anyhow. The post processing of the sound was done with the Ozone mastering plugin.

I did now have a wav file that I wanted to put over the video file, it’s a little bit tricky to get video and sound synchronized as it is a lot of testing. I did of course disable the audio track that came with the video from the camera, because I wanted to use the file with the guitar effects that was recorded by my audio software. This was a short test now but I think that will really work in the future when I want to record myself while playing guitar.

I am a little bit excited, because now it will be much easier to record videos when I play guitar. It was a real pain when I had to do this with my smartphone. But with the camera and tripod it’s much more motivating to do that. It might be that I will now record more music videos in the future if I have time beside the other activities.

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