I Love Delicious Salads

Tasty Salad

My mother made a salad on her birthday barbecue party. I had to take a photo because I do not only like the colours of salads, I did also like the white colour of the salad bowl. Then I saw our red garden bench and the idea came up that a white bowl full of salad should look very cool with a red background.

This is rather a scene I am proud of. My mother said it would look pretty nice like a product photo. To be honest, I do think that too. I think it’s about the colours as white on red works so well. Apart from that, the white bowl does isolate the colours of the salad very well from the background.

I am pretty happy with my recent food photography. I was already happy with my hamburger photo, but the salad bowl is now my favorite photo. Sometimes it’s even less about the subject but how colours work together.

The salad is very common in our family. That is how my mother and grandma do create salads, I do make them the same way except that I like to add ewe’s cheese. Although it’s a very basic recipe, it’s extremely delicious. We use cucumber, tomatoes, onions and sweet pepper (either green, yellow or red, how you like it).

The dressing can be made with a mix of oil and water, you can add herbs from the garden such as chopped up parsley, chives, dill or all together, you can be creative. For a big bowl of salad you do only need two soup spoons of water and two soup spoons oil (maybe three, just not too much) as the vegetables contain enough water.

So, you just have to add the water and oil with the chopped up herbs to a glass, and then you mix it to finally pour it over your salad. I usually don’t even use oil anymore, it works without too and is tasty as well. If you mixed all together, you let the salad steep for a while.

But I do often have finished products for dressing at home, these are actually not that bad. It’s finished powder and there are different sorts, I prefer the ones with the same garden herbs, I am not sure if you have something similar in your country.

I have two left hands when it comes to cooking, but this salad is easily done that even I can do it, I wish everything would be that easy (laugh). I do eat that kind of salad several times a week, I like vegetables a lot.


6 thoughts on “I Love Delicious Salads

  1. Picture is nice and ingredients look delicious! It’s very right, I do also eat a lot of salads, they are main in my menu, you feel better if you have salads in your daily life, especially in summer when so many vegetables are available!

    1. Yep, they are especially great in summer… I dislike to eat warm when it’s too hot outside. A fresh salad works much better then 🙂

    1. In summer I prefer salads to lunch when the midday sun warmed the air too much up… I can still eat something warm in the evening when the weather cooled off. That is my summer strategy 🙂

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