European Herring Gull Enjoying The Rain

Common herring gull enjoying the rain

I shot the photo of the European herring gull yesterday when I drove to Travemünde with a friend. As mentioned in a previous post, it became rainy as soon as we arrived.

It was a little bit sad because I wanted to take photos. Some say that you can use the D7100 in rain and others said you can damage the camera on this way. I shot some photos but decided to put the camera back into the bag when the rain got heavier.

I have no problems to use the camera in soft rain, but I do not want to experiment if the camera will be ok if it’s a stronger rain. Anyway, I got at least a few nice photos. I like the herring gull photo pretty much. They are quite large birds and you find a lot of them on the coast.

There are some details in the photo that I like. You can see the rain drops in the air, I also do like the red point on the orange bill. I am also curious why the bird has a numbering on the legs, I assume this is to research the birds. A short Google search brought up this article, yes, it’s to learn more about them.

I am just a little bit unhappy that the image has some noise in the background. I tried the noise reduction tool of Lightroom but I could not use too much reduction otherwise the photo would look like painted. Anyway, overall I am still happy with the shot.

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