Beautiful Herring Gull

In Lübeck close to the Trave River, I usually find lots of Herring Gulls. While I prefer to find less common birds, it’s not always possible, especially not in the city or in the districts here. However, I know some places here where I can find other birds, like the Schellbruch for example, but I can not always be there. It doesn’t matter a lot to me, because I like common photo subjects as well, and this included gulls, ducks, or blackbirds. Check out my other bird photos if you like to see different ones. Continue reading Beautiful Herring Gull

Grumpy Herring Gull

I took this photo of a flying european herring gull, and I had to laugh a bit when I saw the photo on my PC screen, because the gull looks a bit grumpy. I like bird in flight photography but you always have to wait for a chance, that makes it difficult, and I do also wish that I could take more photos of less common birds in flight. If you liked the photo, check out my other bird photos. Continue reading Grumpy Herring Gull

European Herring Gull Enjoying The Rain

I shot the photo of the European herring gull yesterday when I drove to Travemünde with a friend. As mentioned in a previous post, it became rainy as soon as we arrived. It was a little bit sad because I wanted to take photos. Some say that you can use the D7100 in rain and others said you can damage the camera on this way. I shot some photos but decided to put the camera back into the bag when the rain got heavier. I have no problems to use the camera in soft rain, but I do not want … Continue reading European Herring Gull Enjoying The Rain