New Sun Lounger In The Garden

We have this new sun lounger in the garden. I like this, it’s pretty comfortable, at least if there wouldn’t be so much fire ants on the lawn. The fire ants are a little bit annoying, I had several of them on my legs and that was a little bit painful. Anyway, it’s good that we have a sun lounger now, perfect to enjoy the day. Continue reading New Sun Lounger In The Garden

The Own Chicken Eggs

Not sure what I did different and wrong this month, but I am broke two days before new money. Anyway, I couldn’t care less, my mother has a garden with cool things, including chickens. I wrote about it, the production of eggs was not good at the beginning, of course the chickens were stressed because of the new home. It seems they do produce more and more eggs now, especially eggs in common size and not tiny eggs as they did before. As I am somewhat broke two days before new money, my mother had enough eggs to give me … Continue reading The Own Chicken Eggs

Weekly Photo Challenge Close-Up: Thriving Flower

The recent WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge came last friday with the theme “Close-Up”. That is interesting, because the image I used in this post would have fit nicely to the theme, but I used it right before. Anyway, I have no problem to find another one. We don’t have the best weather right now, it’s raining since some days, that means I had to dig in my folders to find an appropriate image for the challenge, one photo that I shot before the rain. To be honest, most of the time my photos are uploaded delayed anyway. So, I decided … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge Close-Up: Thriving Flower

Our Red Currant Berries

Do you like to eat red currant berries? I liked them ever since I can remember. I think I did eat my first red currant berries when I was six years old or so, we had a garden back then too. We had several red currant bushes, each day I picked them and enjoyed the taste. Today if I pick and eat some, the memories come back and I feel like a child again for a moment. It’s good that we have red currant berries in our recent garden too, they are mature and we can already eat them. They … Continue reading Our Red Currant Berries

First Garden Yields

On friday when we celebrated mom’s birthday in the garden, we also checked out how the garden plants are doing. We found the first radishes, we found three of them. Mom got one, her husband and I tested one too. Apart from the fact that I am a real fan of radishes, the garden radish tasted extremely good. The husband of my mother doesn’t like chemicals, he prefers to let the things grow on their own and you taste it. The garden radish was actually more tasty than those you get in the stores. Next we also checked out the … Continue reading First Garden Yields