Our Red Currant Berries

Do you like to eat red currant berries? I liked them ever since I can remember. I think I did eat my first red currant berries when I was six years old or so, we had a garden back then too. We had several red currant bushes, each day I picked them and enjoyed the taste.

Today if I pick and eat some, the memories come back and I feel like a child again for a moment. It’s good that we have red currant berries in our recent garden too, they are mature and we can already eat them. They are so delicious, I still love to eat them.

6 thoughts on “Our Red Currant Berries

  1. Yes I love Redcurrents and our bush was full a couple of weeks back, but I made the mistake of leaving them for one more day.. When I went back the bush had been stripped clean.. I was not pleased.. as I was going to make redcurrent jelly.. You win some and lose some .. that’s gardening..

    1. Oh that is sad…. I assume you mean that they fall to the ground if you come too late? I think my mother told me yesterday that they picked all of them (the images in my post are one or two weeks old). I assume they did it for the same reason… it’s their garden, so I have not much knowhow about all this 😀

  2. Do you ever bake or cook with currants? I think they would be good in muffins. I’ve never had a fresh currant before.

    1. I have two left hands when it comes to cooking or baking… I can cook a few things, but I am not an expert 😀 I just heard that my mother will create jam with the berries soon… especially with the black ones but maybe also with the red ones. 🙂

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